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Why go Mobile

  • Currently there are 3 times more mobile phones
    than computers in the world.
  • You should control how your brand appears on all
    those cell phones.
  • The most important aspect however is the content
    and how it is presented

Mobile - the Global Medium

The important thing is to know what you are saying no to. If your customer opens your web site in a mobile browser he gets the wrong content, presented in the wrong order, with a slow and costly download, and with an unadapted layout. In a world where most everyone owns a mobile phone this could be a problem.

How does it work?

The process is very simple, we take your existing website and optimise the text and images for mobile devices. We then create a sub domain for the mobi website and add a script that redirects all mobile traffic to the mobi version of your site.

what we do
  • There are 3 times more cellphones than computers in the world so is your site ready for the mobile market?

  • This solution will allow customers to interact with you or your brands and give you direct feedback.

  • We plan mobile advertising campaigns, design and place mobile adverts maximise exposure.

  • • Fill out the form
    • let us know what you need &
    • we will send you a free quote ASAP!

Mobi Website Design Mobi Website Design Mobi Website Design Mobi Website Design


SMSPremium Rated SMS messages are messages sent from a cellular subscriber’s handset to a specific 5 digit shortcode, billed at a predetermined premium rate. Typically Premium Rated SMS services are used for promotions and competitions, usually with a view to building customer databases for future marketing campaigns. Shortcodes have become a prominent call-to-action mechanism for above-the-line advertising as they are easier to remember and quicker to act on than telephone numbers and web addresses. Such campaigns can be self-funding or revenue generating as shortcodes range in price from standard rate to R30. Examples include popular downloads such as:

  • branded wallpapers and themes
  • video clips and animations
  • mobile games
  • competitions
  • real-time voting and polling
  • branded or sponsored quizzes
  • comment lines
  • donation management
Our Premium Rate SMS services are fully manageable and trackable through our simple web facility, which provides full reporting on delivery and other pertinent statistics.


South Africa is ranked 6th in the world for mobile web usage and is in the top 5 globally in terms of mobile advertising impressions served (Admob 2009). We work with companies to plan mobile advertising campaigns, and design and place mobile adverts on relevant publisher and niche mobi-sites to maximise exposure to the relevant target audience. Call-to-actions usually link to the company's mobi-site which enables visitors to interact with the brand according to campaign objectives. Examples include submitting brochure, test drive or send-to-a-friend requests, or content downloads such as wallpapers, games, videos, movie/music previews and so on. We report on the number of impressions served, clicks and click-through rates, and we work with our clients to track conversions rates and ROI.



Mobile marketing is a mainstream media channel abroad where it is seen as the 7th mass media. Any brand wishing to influence with bulk of the South African consumers needs to incorporate mobile marketing into their overall marketing strategy. No other channel has such deep reach or is as interactive as the mobile phone. We enjoy working with brands to create mobile concepts and campaigns to drive sales and customer interaction. We will empower you to leverage mobile marketing to build a loyal relationship between your company and your customers.

Our long experience of the mobile market enables us to help our clients plan mobile marketing campaigns for maximum ROI. We can help design campaigns for:

Direct response, Customer retention, Customer service, Customer research and analysis, Mobile payment methods

Incentive and loyalty programs We also enable businesses to increase ROI by offering: Reduced costs, Improved efficiency, Faster, more accurate customer responses, Better campaign control and management, Monitoring of systems, plant and machinery

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